tenaya_logo_web_whitebackgroundReviews from past attendees.  I hope these statements give you a sense of whether the workshop might be a good fit for you or not.  If you have any questions, you are welcome to email me.  Hope to see you at the LinkedIn Workshop!

“A must-attend workshop for anyone trying to build a professional web-presence, irrespective of whether you are looking for a job or not. Quit treating LinkedIn like just another Facebook profile, and learn to attract views from your target audience, be it other scientists or industry recruiters. If you are serious about your career, this is a workshop you should not miss!” – Nur
“This workshop will teach you some things you may not have thought about before. It is useful for both older and younger professionals because it highlights the necessity of online communication, how to present yourself, and how networking strategies have evolved along with technology.”
“This workshop will be useful for anyone who decides to enter the professional world. There are many nuances in how to network through LinkedIn and how to best “market” your LinkedIn profile that I did not know before I attended this workshop.”
“This workshop is important for both Academia and Industry. Something that you’ll not want to miss.”
“This was a great workshop! With succinct and practical suggestions to help make your LinkedIn profile into its best version.”
“Helpful and brief workshop. Very recommended.”
“The workshop is very informative, and the photo is professional.”
“Just signing up for this workshop was extremely helpful because it forced me to finally update my LinkedIn profile.”
“Was a great way to start thinking about / using LinkedIn in a more adventurous way, especially for those who have done little to nothing with their profiles, and have done little to no networking.”
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