Coding Workshop for Girl Scouts


This workshop aims to encourage girls to think in a different way and to create a computer program that will serve their community.  Along the way, I hope to empower not just the girls, but maybe their families and communities in New Hampshire. We discuss basic programing and the women who contributed significantly to the coding field, but were not often recognized for their efforts.

First workshop held on Sat-Sun, Nov 5-6, 2016 at Yale.


Here are the Girl Scouts when they visited me at Yale!

Here is Girl Scout Tree ID– their final project – that the girls put together.  Sorry for the strange format.  Wordpress  does not support text file uploads.

“We must be the change that we want to see in the world.” – Mahatma Ghandi

“What we don’t do can be a destructive force.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

The first powerpoint is my  pitch.  The second one is the presentation that I gave for the first session, as a sample of the teaching lesson.  Materials in both slides were borrowed from various sources e.g. GirlsWhoCode and Dr. Charles Severance of Michigan, who created Python for Everybody on Coursera.  If the owners of the images or content would like them to be removed, I am happy to do so.  These are educational materials and not for financial gain.

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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